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Just finished Perseverance.  I tried to string it out to make it last longer but read it in two 'sittings'... absolutely loved it, although I needed a box of tissues at hand.  Congratulations on Book 2.  It was every bit as enthralling as Of Angels and Eagles and I can't wait for the next chapter.

-Karen Cantor-

Lynette has moved the story between generations very well. Book Two – Perseverance - sees James Garth and Mary Bellett as the central characters, with the development of their lives, including successes and the tragedy of loss, portrayed with compassion and sensitivity.

I liked the backstory of Hobart and the way it is woven into our heroes’ daily lives: including disease, unruly convicts, bushrangers, the plight of the Aboriginal population, and the issues the rapid growth of the town, raises.

The book holds the reader’s attention, and at times is hard to put down. The beginning flows seamlessly from Book One with the end enticing the reader to learn more about Edward and Sarah as they embark on their journey of discovery, into Book Three.

-Janeen O'Connell'

From the outset I was not able to put it down, I read it cover to cover as it brought me in and delivered ‘the story’. Such a compelling story so well told.


It had me enthralled; it has inspired me, it has greatly saddened me, it has broken my heart on many occasions and for many reasons, and I have wallowed through such a broader myriad of complex emotions - oscillating between joy, exhilaration, triumph and despair!


I was reduced to tears, many times, be it through your expression of love between these people, the torture of their anguish experienced when bad things happen, to the point of those clarion calls being made upon a host of your characters – the young being taken far too early, to those who has lived a nourished and fulfilled life.


I have been readily able to picture these people of your ancestry; what they looked like, what they did, where they lived, what they built, what they experienced, how they moved, how they thought, how they cried, how they loved…


A tale so realistic I am bound to your words, understanding of your thoughts of their adventures, their lives, their triumphs and yes, their tragedies too.


I cannot wait until I have the opportunity to read the third book… certainly a job well done –


Congratulations Lynette!

-Andrew Campbell-

Beautifully Written


I thoroughly enjoyed Lynette's first book of The Garth Trilogy Of Angels and Eagles and had been eagerly awaiting the release of book two Perseverance - well the wait was worth it!


Through both books I have learned so much about Norfolk Island and now Tasmania's history and at the same time I have fallen in love with Lynette's ancestors and their journey through life - the Loves, the Losses, the Happiness and the Sorrows.......


Lynette has the knack of making you actually feel like you are there in the 1800s....


The whole book was written with such beautiful emotion and as I finished the last page a tear trickled down my cheek....


A must read......

-Janeene Julius-

I have just finished Perseverance and I totally agree with Margaret Zanardo's professional review. I loved it as much as I did 'Of Angels and Eagles' and your writing continues to give me an amazing insight into the lives of our forefathers. Well done.

-Lyn Campbell-

A well-crafted historical story based on a real family.  I was impressed by the way the author handled the terrible way that the Tasmanian Aboriginal people were treated.  I had goosebumps whenever I recalled that my ancestors had shared many of the experiences that the Garth family had.

-Nan Bosler-

Have just finished Perseverance. Wow I could not put it down. My emotions were up and down. The highs of happiness as the weddings took place and the loss as children passed. I did not expect to enjoy this book as much as the first, as I have had many happy times on Norfolk Island and reading the first book I was there on that beautiful Island my favourite place. I felt their sadness when they had to pack up and leave. Book 2 has made me wanting book 3 so badly I want to know how Edward and Sarah's life pans out. Well done Lynette

-Christine Anne-

Just finished Perseverance and I honestly loved it. I know this because I felt sad to leave the characters and the story at the end of the book . I loved the insight into life in those days, the relationships, the history and I felt the losses along the way. Thank you I thoroughly enjoyed it and will wait with baited breath for part three...

-Karen Riches-

Enlightening is the first word to come to mind after reading Books 1 & 2 of the Garth Trilogy.

I found the parallels with my own 4th great grandmother Ann Beardsley remarkable, especially to know that they knew each other and I hope were friends.
They were on the Dunkirk Hulk at the same time, travelled on the 'Friendship' and were two of the 6 women who were transferred to the 'Charlotte' in Rio de Janeiro, for good behaviour. Ann also went to Norfolk Island, but died there after giving birth to 5 maybe 6 children, only two of whom lived.

As the story continues to Tasmania, one of Ann's daughters travels on the same boat as Susannah and her family. That side of my family settled in New Norfolk, and other convicts went to Cygnet and free settlers to the the Huon.

I enjoyed the books immensely and it gave me a deeper understanding of the hardships that they had to endure. 
Thank you so much. Can't wait for Book 3.

-Pat Goddard-

I have thoroughly enjoyed the second book of the Garth Trilogy...I have laughed and cried with the characters and found the links to my home state refreshing to say the least. I grew up in a little hamlet called Ridgeway under Mt Wellington on the way to the Huon and travelled & explored in all the areas you have mentioned and It has refreshed some of my fondest memories... and helped me see that I am a small part of something much larger than myself.

-Anthony Broomhall-

I really enjoyed Perseverance.   Thanks for providing such a great historical backdrop to the story.

-Greg Arnold-

Lynette's second book in the Garth Trilogy, Perseverance' has exceeded all my expectations. Following the next generation in a new and challenging landscape, the story line sensitively reflects the inevitable confrontation between the original indigenous custodians of the land and the new settlers, while acknowledging the deep respect between James Garth and his friend Pukara and the losses they both suffer in the name of progress.

While I eagerly look forward to the next book of the trilogy, it will be a bittersweet, as always when I come to the end of a much-loved book.

Well done Lynette

-Jenny Dyson'

I must say I did enjoy your book! Waiting on the next chapter!


`Kathy McCrae-

Just finished Perseverance -totally captivated and loved all the characters.  The ordeals, the highs... the lows - extraordinary people - incredible drive! We all have it so easy!

Look forward to the next installment.

~Ruth Kirk~

Thanks for another good read! Looking forward to the next chapter!

~Viv Curtis~

Lynette, so waiting for your next book! However, I know I will be disappointed knowing that it finalises your Trilogy.

Your books - amazing reads - beautifully written and well put together. I found it interesting, particularly the story based on Norfolk Island in the first book as most other reflections of our colonial history focus on Sydney. Your books had wonderful detail and explanations - the trials and tribulations of two families, coping with adversity but also having success.

What a surprise that the family moved to Tasmania. Whilst you call it fiction, based on fact, this is really how your family created their history. I have always been fascinated by our colonial history. I am from a different background, my paternal mother’s family came to Australia in early 1850s, on the first German ship to bring German immigrants here - two brothers and their families.
Thank you I await the third instalment,

~ Graham Farish ~ '

Just finished book two. I loved it as much as Of Angels and Eagles - 

You have such a talent for weaving the history and facts of a period with the love, emotion and resilience of people that are your characters.  I feel privileged to have been introduced to your books and to be able to read about your ancestors, and also imagine what my ancestors would have been doing at that period in history.  

~Robyn King~


Congratulations Lynette on another wonderful achievement. You have captured a fantastic and emotion filled family tale.

You once again have left me hanging out for the next experience. You’ve done yourself and your family proud!

`Graeme Backen~

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