Past the thin blue line

It is a joyful thing, Susannah thought as she watched her children with the Belletts. We are more like family than friends. They want for little and they love their lives. Oh to have had such a childhood. We are all part of the fabric that binds us. We and the Belletts, the island, we are all woven together. Young James felt it too, the way the families were intertwined, but there was something else within him, something stronger than the thread that bound them to this place, it was a want that lived inside him and it drew him beyond his field of vision. One day, he thought, one day I will see for myself what is past that thin blue line.

A curse?

"Two weeks after we went ashore, when Ed was chosen to go to Norfolk Island, I implored Lieutenant King to let me join him, but I was denied." 'Implored?' Susannah raised her eyebrow, 'a fussy word', she thought. "As I watched the Supply disappear from view that day I remember my heart was heavy and thinking, Aileen, my family and now my only real friend are gone...and asking, what curse is it that I have upon me to be removed from everyone I love?"

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