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Historical fiction - Where the passion comes from!

What mix of twisting coils of DNA made me who I am? What meld of events and environment put me in the place where I was born? Not everyone has the drive to find those answers about themselves. Not everyone wonders where the colour of their eyes came from, why they have the names they have, where that seemingly innate love of something or talent to do a thing comes from. No, not everyone wonders what paths led us to our earthly existence ...

Not everyone asks the question, who am I? ... but the truth is, I believe, that most of us do.

The Garth Trilogy was born of a desire to find those answers.

We can't start at the beginning, although it is said in studies of human genetics that every living human today descended in an unbroken line on their mother's side from "Mitochondrial Eve" who lived over 100,000 ... so perhaps you and I are related...

but for me 'the beginning' was simply finding how far back I could go... and so began Garth.

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